The Jacaranda grounds in Embakasi, where the NASA fraternity was to meet for a memorial service is a no-go zone.

Police arrived early at the venue armed to teeth and sealed off the venue. Headstrong pro-NASA youth however tried to access the venue, leading to a chaotic confrontation.

A police water canon placed strategically at Jacaranda
A police water canon placed strategically at Jacaranda
GSU officers deployed to seal off Jacaranda
GSU officers deployed to seal off Jacaranda

Currently, Donholm, Kayole and Soweto areas of Eastlands are battle grounds engulfed in teargas smoke.

Jacaranda chaos
Jacaranda chaos

Gun shots can be heard as far as Buru Buru Estate. It is not yet clear if there are causalities.

NASA supporters protesting government's move to seal off Jacaranda grounds
NASA supporters protesting government’s move to seal off Jacaranda grounds

Reportedly, four trucks hired by a senior Jubilee politician dumped raw sewage at the venue to inconvenience the meet up.

Outer ring road is impassable as youth and police engage in running battles.

Situation at Outer Ring Road
Situation at Outer Ring Road

Dagoretti MP Simba Arati could not leave his residence as he was placed under house arrest. An armoured personnel carrier could be seen packed outside his residence.


All this is happening as Uhuru Kenyatta’s inauguration is underway in Kasarani stadium.

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The NASA colaition, led by Raila Odinga, was set to conduct a memorial service in honour of those who died from police brutality during the chaotic return of Raila.


Raila addressing supporters along Manyanja road

Raila Odinga was able to address his supporters along Manyanja road in Donholm. He said that he will be sworn in as President on 12th December.

He also said he does not recognize Uhuru Regatta as a legitimate president, terming the October 26th polls as flawed.

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