We have been getting alot of questions about KUCCPS inter university  transfer procedure, requirements and dates in 2015 and have thus decided to create this post. Find below the inter-university transfer application form and successful list of candidates who transferred from one campus to another?

Kuccps Interuniversity transfer procedure 2015

Transferring from one course to another or from one university to another is a simple procedure if you follow the needed requirements. Visit kuccps official website http://kuccps.net/ and download the inter-university transfer form. The form will be available for download as of 1st August. Check below for requirements before feeling the inter-university transfer from;

kuccps Inter-university transfer requirements 2015

The requirements for one to successfully transfer from one university to another include;

a). The applicant/candidate/student must meet the cut off for the course they want to move/transfer to and there is still capacity in the course.

b). Must be approved by the respective Universities/Colleges and KUCCPS.

c). Where not approved, then the Candidate is retained in the course placed in

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KUCCPS Inter university transfer deadline

KUCCPS inter-university transfer will start on August 1, and end on September 30.

KUCCPS Inter-university transfer form

Candidate can be download the Inter-university transfer form from here as from August 1, 2015


The  KUCCPS procedure for interuniversity is as follows:

  1. Log in with your index number, KSCE year and birth certificate number.
  2. Navigate to the Inter-institution transfer link under Applications.
  3. Fill in the online inter-institution transfer form.
  4. Download and print the completed form.
  5. Have the form endorsed both from the institution where you have been placed and the one which you wish to transfer to.
  6. Submit the forms to the Placement Service for final approval and validation.

Click Here for the Inter-institution transfer link


Check 2015 List of approved candidates for Kuccps Inter university transfer at  official website here http://kuccps.net/ as from September 30.

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