Kenyatta University has been Indefinitely closed after students protested destroying property of unknown value.

Kenyatta University Indefinitely closed as students protest
Fire setup by protesting Kenyatta University students/Photo



The University early today (17th November 2017) released a memo reading, “Following the continuing nationwide lecturers’ strike that has adversely affected academic activities and heightened agitation among students, The University Senate had decided to close the University until further notice.
In view of the foregoing, All Students are required to vacate the University premises by Friday, 17th November 2017 at 9.00am


It should however be noted that the University is using the lecturers strike to hide the truth of what was happening.


The students begun protesting due to what they believed was injustice in the students elections. Morara one of the students contesting to be the president of the student organization, was excluded by the administration from contesting in the elections which angered his supporters.


The students had also a day earlier resisted doing exams claiming that they had not been taught.

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