IEBC: Steps of Registration as Independent Candidates

IEBC: Persons intending to contest in the General Election as Independent Candidates shall not be members of any political party at least three (3) months to the date of General Election.Section 32 and 33 of the Elections Act 2011, requires aspirants intending to contest Election as Independent Candidates to submit name and the symbol to the Commission for approval.

IEBC Steps of Registration as Independent Candidates

IEBC: Steps of Registration as Independent Candidates/Photo

Aspirant presents registration forms, 21st Floor Anniversary Towers, Nairobi. Registration status of the aspirant as a voter is confirmed

Confirmation of clearance from the Office of Registrar of Political Parties on;
a) Not being a member of registered political party
b) Symbol not resembling symbol of a registered political party

  • IF YES: Issued with forms of intention to Contest as independent candidate together with form for submission of symbol.
  • IF NO: Referred to Office of Registrar of political Parties.

Submit the following:

  1. Dully filled form for Intention to Contest as an Independent Candidate
  2. Dully filled Form for submission of symbol
  3. Clearance from ORPP on not being a member of any registered party
  4. Clearance from ORPP on symbol not resembling symbol of a registered party
  5. Hard and Soft copy of Symbol
  • IF YES: Symbol presented is checked to see if it resembles a symbol submitted by any other independent candidate
  • IF NO: Request the aspirant for another symbol

Gazettement of the symbols and the names of independent Candidates

Issue a letter/certificate of approval of symbol

The Aspirant collects form for collection of signatures of supporters from Returning Officer

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