Ghana braids also known as banana or pencil, are an exquisite form of braids variations in Kenya. They are popularly known for their unique styling and more oftenly than not, come out beautifully to display their artistic nature. Having been embraced across all women regardless of their social classes and age, the Banana/Ghana braids took Kenyans by storm and are still trending upto date. This could be attributed to their versatility in styles which could suit any occasion at any given time while being friendly to the African hair.

Pencil, Ghana or Banana braids in Kenya, How to style, best for and price
Pencil, Ghana or Banana braids in Kenya, How to style, best for and price/Photo by styleglam



The Ghana or Banana style is achieved by adding more and more braids to the hair being braided to form single line breathtaking cornrows. This however, requires the services of a professional stylist as there is a very thin line between excellent and pathetic outcome when it comes to this style. The braids can be braided into medium to tiny conrows towards the back of the head, Centre and either side according to one’s preference.


Any type of braids can be used to achieve awesome results so long as they complement the wearer’s hair texture. There is also a great option of colour choices to select from depending on one’s complexion and liking. One can also decide to combine two to three colours of braids to achieve that adventurous girly look. There is actually no limit to creativity when it comes to this style.Your stylist has to just think out of the box to give you that heart desired look that will make you feel beautiful  both inside and out!

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