Ghafla Bounces back, proves to become the next huffingtonpost, but how did it manage it?

Ghafla is among one of the most popular blogs in Kenya and i  can admit that i love its content. Ghafla is among the few blogs in Kenya that run under the Joomla cms. Ghafla generates most of its revenue through Even sponsoring, Sponsored posts, partnerships, Ad banners and direct advertising (We had earlier provided detailed Information about Ghafla and its sister websites)

On October 5th 2015 Kenyayote published a report on Ghafla web ranking performance.  In the article, Kenyayote indicated that Ghafla was dying a natural death like Robert Alai’s Techmtaa did. However, Ghafla has proved that it is not going to die any time soon.


Within a period of 30 days Ghafla has significantly improved its web rankings even going as far beating all its closest competitors Tuko and Mpasho. But how did Ghafla manage to pull that?

1. Ghafla has introduced more pages to encourage visitor engagements. This means that the number of hours that people who visit Ghafla spend on it has improved which has contributed to an improvement of its web rankings.

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2. Ghafla has verified its alexa web metrics. This is perhaps the most important thing of all. Website that have verified their webmertics tend to perform better interms of alexa rankings because all their web traffic is recorded. Alexa sometimes does not record all your web traffic if you have not verified its metrics. This however comes at a price.

3. Content improvement:Ghafla had become too reluctant after dominating the blogging industry in Kenya for years.  However, their sudden drop in rankings might have awaken them. To be sincere they content has improved over the past weeks.


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