Four Businesses You Can Start with Kshs 50,000 or Less in Kenya

Joblessness in Kenya is high and many a youth find themselves at crossroads the moment they get off their parents’ nests. While ‘papers’ can get you a dream job, not many are so lucky. Should employment be hard to come by, you only have two choices; to continue sulking and accumulating debt as years fly by or taking the initiative to create a job for yourself (and others). This article looks at 5 businesses you can start with a budget of Kshs 50,000 or less.

Four Businesses You Can Start with Kshs 50,000 or Less in Kenya

Four Businesses You Can Start with Kshs 50,000 or Less in Kenya/Photo



  1. Mitumba


The second-hand clothes business is a multi-billion industry that has set many on the path of prosperity. The easiest part of starting a mitumba business is that you don’t need to rent a shop to set up. All you need is an open space in a strategic location (near colleges, hospitals or in busy town streets or market places). The cost of a bale of mitumba ranges between Kshs 25,000 and Kshs 5,000 depending on quality. Transportation cost will vary depending on how far from your point of purchase (Gikomba being cheapest). You need not worry if you are not good at calling out for clients because ‘experts’ callers are always available to do the calling for a fee of Kshs 300 or less per day, depending on location.

  1. Photography

Many see it as a hobby and sell themselves short but professional photographers bag hundreds of thousands of shillings per gig. All you need to start a photography business is a camera and lots of passion for the job. While high-end photographic equipment can cost an arm and leg, you can start small and work your way up. Good beginner DSLR cameras cost about Kshs 25,000 going upwards. Tell your relatives and friends of your trade and request to do their photography for birthdays, baby showers, baptisms, engagements, and even pre-weddings and weddings. You can then have the photographs developed at a professional lab for about a quarter of your earnings. Do a good job and satisfied customers will market you free of charge.

  1. Computer Services Shop

Most youth are equipped with basic computer skills required for running of a small computer services shop. All you need to start out is a basic computer that costs about Kshs 15,000, a and a printer, preferably 3-in-1, that will set you back from as little as Kshs 4,000. You will also need office equipment like a stapler, paper punch, paper cutter and pin remover. For furniture, get a table large enough to accommodate the computer and printer while leaving some working space. A comfortable chair for you and a waiting bench for clients are also necessary. To minimize rent costs, you can look for a shop owner ready to rent corner space or corridor for a fraction of what it would cost you to fully rent. Campus students can easily operate this business from their houses, subject to institution rules of course.

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  1. Fresh Juice/Fruit Salad

All you need for this business to work is a juicer or blender (costs start from Kshs 4,500), working table, plastic chairs for clients, juice glasses, disposable cups for takeaway orders, and a variety of fruits. You will also need knives, wash basins, buckets or plastic dispensers. One can easily run this business on a sheltered yard or veranda. Some strategic locations for this business include within or in close proximity to learning institutions, hospitals, companies and markets.  Ensure your fruits are ever fresh, utensils ever clean and pricing reasonable to guarantee yourself return customers.

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