For one to venture and succeed in business in Kenya, he/she requires a variety of skills and qualities to stand the heat in the business market. Below are some of the characteristics one should poses to emerge as a successful business person.

Factors, Skills and Qualities of Successful business people in kenya
Factors, Skills and Qualities of Successful business people in Kenya/Photo


  • Motivation

Successful business people must poses the energy to inspire and convince people.

  • Creativity

Successful business people have the ability to come up with new ideas to keep the business adapting to changing market forces

  • Persuasiveness

Successful business people are great sellers and persistent in nature, they use advanced marketing techniques to reach a wide customer base.

  • Versatility

Successful business people are able to handle problems or tasks emerging from different departments in the organization.

  • Enterprising

Successful business people can easily spot a business opportunity from the routine life and develop it into a viable business idea

  • Risk taking

Successful business people are not afraid of  taking risks. They calculate and take great business investment risks most of which lead to successful ventures

  • Visionary

Successful business people must poses a big picture, a plan of where exactly the business is going and how to get there.

  • Flexible and open-minded

Successful business people are those who are ready to sit down and listen, share with others and buy other opinions.

If you possess the above attributes then you should try your hand in business, you were made for it!

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