Among awesome innovations showcased at this year’s just concluded Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is Vivo’s in-screen fingerprint sensor.

CES 2018 Awesome Tech: Vivo In-Screen Fingerprint Reader
A Vivo prototype pioneering the in-screen fingerprint sensor. Photo: Courtesy


Conventionally, fingerprint readers are physical and are placed on a phone’s front, such as on the home button, or on the backside – which is more common.


However, the front fingerprint reader is becoming less preferred as manufacturers are moving towards bezel-less designs, as seen on the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The under-the-screen fingerprint sensor tech has been touted for some time now but Vivo has finally brought it to reality.

According to Vivo, the Chinese phonemaker, the tech is still as secure and battery efficient. The company noted that it’s next handset will bear the tech.

Vivo used a newly developed Synaptics Optical Sensor which reads users’ fingerprints through the gaps in an OLED display.

This means that the sensor cannot work with LCDs since they need to be backlit.

First hand impressions show that the sensor is completely hidden that the casual eye cannot see it.

Functionally, tests have shown that it is slower than conventional fingerprint readers.

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Nevertheless, this is understandable since it is a pioneering tech and there are a lot of rough edges to smooth.

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