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“Campus Hustle: Making Money Online in Kenya” (ebook) is finally here

Making money online in Kenya ebook at ksh. 150.  11 copies purchased

After selling 213 copies the eguide is now going for free.


“Campus Hustle: Making Money Online In Kenya” is an insightful guide on ways one can make cash from the ever growing internet. Written in simple and easy to understand language, it offers relevant and proven options in which students, the unemployed, or those who wish to complement their salary can make a dime from websites. Going for free the book’s 23 pages of invaluable info will sure come in handy in these tough economic times.

I took a lot of time to compile and write this guide, so the only reward i would need from you so that i can send you a copy is;

1. Visit our campus facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Kenyayote and like our page

2. Share this book on your wall to let other campus students know about it

3. After doing those two things send us your email through our facebook page  inbox https://facebook.com/kenyayote and we will send you the ebook via email

NOTE: You will not receive the book if you do not follow the two requirements

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