Buying a second car in Kenya: Once you have decided the amount of money that you want to spend in buying a second-hand car,you are good to go in choosing the type of vehicle you want depending on what is in the market from different sellers.I have summarized a guide for you to follow the next time you want to buy a second-hand car from somebody.

How to buy a second-hand vehicle in Kenya
How to buy a second-hand vehicle in Kenya/photo



Once you have settled on a certain car that you want,have it checked by a mechanic from reliable companies such as AA Kenya and Toyota Kenya.You will be given the operation state of that car as well as the value that the car should be sold at that time.


Get a copy of the log book of the vehicle from the owner.A log book proves ownership.If you get the copy you will be able to prove that the person selling to you that vehicle is the actual owner of the vehicle.


Perform an online logbook car search using the cars registration number to confirm details of the logbook. This confirms that car duty has been fully paid and engine and chassis number have not been tampered with. By doing this you you will be able to ensure the vehicle has not been stolen and it has not been used in illegal operations in the country. A fee of 500/= is required by the National Transport and Safety Authority(NTSA) to perform this search.


Write an agreement of sale. The agreement of sale is signed by you as the buyer,a witness and the seller of the vehicle.


Pay in form of banker’s cheque to act as receipt which is proof of payment.

Transfer of ownership

Obtain a copy of seller’s pin number and his or her identification document(ID) then initiate an Online Transfer of Ownership through the NTSA TIMS platform. This is where the logbook transfer form is filled and your name as the buyer put on the logbook with other details.Pay purchase tax and transfer fee for transfer of ownership to be successful.


Finally ,get your own car insurance policy from a provider you prefer. Compare premium rates of all providers and settle on the one you will comfortably afford to pay as agreed.

Having given you the guide above, take a step and buy that second-car you have always wanted to buy. However, be careful when meeting strangers who want to sell you a vehicle because someone may turn out to be harmful and not a vehicle seller anymore.

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