Best Places to Shop for Ladies Clothes in Kenya: Nairobi Women dresses, Jeans, Skirts

Where to buy dresses in Kenya:  Mention shopping, and immediately you grab a woman’s attention. Shopping, especially for clothes is a fetish for many ladies in Kenya. However, finding the right place to shop and get exactly what you want can be a very tedious and exhausting task. If you have been or are still in that predicament, worry no more!  Below are the best places in Kenya to shop for ladies clothes, and keep your wardrobe up to date:

Best Places to Shop for Ladies Clothes in Kenya, Nairobi Women trending dresses, Jeans, Skirts

Best Places to Shop for Ladies Clothes in Kenya, Nairobi Women trending dresses, Jeans, Skirts/Photo


Online Clothes Stores in Kenya


This has become the major preference for a very big number of women. Wondering why? Well, when you shop from an online store, everything is done for you; starting from the colour you want, size, fabric and design. The only role you play in this type of shopping is paying for your bill and waiting for you clothes to be delivered. Such stores include;

  • Jumia Kenya Online Store
  • Kilimall Kenya
  • Fab guru.

Open air markets in Kenya

These markets have been very common and famous among the majority population in the country. This is triggered by the fact that the clothes are very affordable, trendy and unique. Those markets include

  • Gikomba Market
  • Muthurwa Market
  • Figtree/ Ngara Market

Boutiques, malls and clothing shopping stalls in Kenya

These kinds of shops have also been in existence for some time now and with the very rapid growth in infrastructure, the shops have increased in number.

Ladies’ clothes here are also very affordable; they come in different varieties, styles, very trendy and classy. Some of these shops and malls include

  • Two Rivers Mall
  • Garden City Mall
  • The Village Market
  • Mr Price Kenya
  • Jade Collection Kenya
  • Fab guru.

So ladies, you finally have the information you have been searching for. So next time you plan on shopping, you know where to start

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