Top Best bloggers in Kenya, 2017

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Some months ago we compiled a list of the top 100 most interesting blogs in Kenya to read. The post attracted a pretty good number of readers. So we thought we could do a separate list of Kenya’s top bloggers.

Below is a comprehensive list of best bloggers in Kenya, they own websites that are highly ranked in Kenya. The list comprises of Fashion bloggers, political bloggers, Entertainment bloggers, Technology Bloggers, Sports bloggers e.t.c

NOTE: This list is not based on Bake Bloggers award.

  • Timothy Obare Rioba

He is the founder of Kenyan daily post a propaganda site.

  • Samuel Majani

He is believed to be the founder of Ghafla, an entertainment and gossip site.

  • Josphat Gachie

Gachie is the founder of which offers info about Kenya

  • Robert Alai

He is the owner of techmtaa website. Techmtaa talks mostly about technology.

  • Walter Akolo

He is the founder of freelancerkenya a site that majorly talks about ways of making money online

  • Anyiko

If you have not visited Anyiko’s blog then you should visit immediately. Anyiko’s blog was rated among the best 25 blogs in 2014 to visit in Kenya.  Anyiko is a media personality. One of the common TV shows that she has hosted is grapevine in KBC. She blogs during her part time.

  • Paula Thayrow

He is the founder of the blog kenyamoneyonline. He is one of the most friendly bloggers that is ready to offer assistance to anybody and anytime.

  • Kelvin

He is the owner of likechapaa a site that offers tips on how to make money online in Kenya.

  • Rappahel Mutua

He is the founder of kenyaplex a site that offers education tips. It is an education resource center.

  • Felix okoli

He is the owner of the site makemoney kenya a site that lists ways of making money online in kenya

  • Peter Mutiso
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He is the founder of my business tricks a site that gives information on how to begin and run your business

  • Dikembe Disembe

He is the admin of kenya today a site that mostly posts about politics. Most of the posts in kenya today support the opposition party in kenya (ODM).

  • Jackson Biko

Jackson Biko is the founder of Biko Zolu. He has been in this blogging industry for such long time. His creativity attracts thousands for readers. Check out his

You can also check below the top alexa ranked websites in Kenya

  2. -Kenya News website
  3. -Kenya News website
  4. website in kenya
  5. website
  6. website
  7. services website
  8. website
  9. website
  10. News website
  11. website
  12. website
  13. website
  14. website
  15. shop website in kenya
  16. service website
  17. website
  18. -Commercial website

There is an amazing ebook meant for kenyan bloggers at The book provides resourceful information on how to succeed in blogging in Kenya.

Has your blog been left out? Drop us your link in the comment section below and we will check out whether it fits to be in the above list.

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NOTE: We currently don’t have time to update all our posts. Kindly drop us an  email through our contact section if you recently got into the blogging world in Kenya and your blog has picked up.

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