How to Apply for Admission to any University Abroad with Capital College Consulting Help

A Guide on how to Apply for Admission to Any University Abroad with the help of Capital College Consulting.

studying abroad colleges and universities online help

Studying in any college or university abroad with the help of Capital College Consulting


Does a college education still matter?


Because Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates have founded their respective companies and blazed a path in the tech sector sans a college degree, many people are questioning the value of finishing school.


However, the general consensus among experts, including economic thought leaders, is that attending college and having a degree still does matter.


Quite simply, a college degree serves as a foundation for success later in life. A college education can provide a person invaluable training and skills that can be used to further one’s career. These skills include writing, research, and collaboration skills.


Furthermore, a college degree enables a person to become more competitive in the job market and gain access to more opportunities which would otherwise be unavailable to those who join the workforce immediately after graduating high school.


How your choice of school affects your career


Does your choice of college or university have an impact on your career? What do the experts say about finding the right college?

To some extent, your choice of which higher educational institution to go to does not matter. According to researchers from the San Diego State University, your choice will have an impact on which course you intend to take. For example, the researchers found that those who earned a business degree from the top colleges and universities earned more than their peers from other schools. The choice of which school to go to did not have much of an impact for those who earned engineering and science degrees.

Also, if you get into a selective college, you will become more likely to earn a higher degree after college and gain access to an extensive network of companies and individuals that would otherwise be unavailable if you study in a less selective educational institution.

Where the best colleges and universities are

For years, American and British schools have dominated the Academic Ranking of World Universities conducted by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy. In this annual ranking of educational academic institutions, 18 American and British schools are in the list of top 20 schools.

The schools are ranked using different factors including quality of education and faculty, research output, and per capita performance.

Now, if you are a student from Kenya (or from another country outside of America or UK) who wishes to get into any of the leading American or British educational institutions, you will face a host of challenges.

These challenges include expenses, writing essays, scholarship applications, and preparations for entrance exams.

How Capital College Consulting can help you

stuying abroad in Britain and america

How Capital Consulting College can help you study Abroad/Photo Source

If you have always dreamt of attending one of the prestigious American and British colleges and universities, you should not let these and other challenges hinder you from fulfilling your dreams.

Over the years, Capital College Consulting has built a solid reputation of helping students from different corners of the globe get into the best US and UK universities, with a special expertise in elite business school applications.

Capital College Consulting has helped students from 25 different countries and over 80 percent of its clients are referrals from previous clients. What this simply means is that these referrals are a testament to Capital College Consulting’s unique understanding of the college admission processes, keen attention to the editing of applications, and its ability to tailor the most competitive application for each client.

Capital College Consulting is composed of expert higher education consultants, including Dr. Natalie Lundsteen who has spent years as an Advisor at the University of Oxford. She has assisted many international students from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East in their applications for the most selective colleges and universities in America and the UK.

The whole process begins with an initial consultation done over Skype, FaceTime, telephone, email, or even a face-to-face meeting. During this initial consultation, Capital College Consulting’s staff will answer the questions you may have about applying for a college or university. The consultant assigned to you will also evaluate your admission objectives in order to ensure that you are matched with the right expert. Your consultant will also work with you in creating a tailored admissions strategy based on the amount of guidance you need, your goals, and the timeline you have set.



Brian Giroux is an experienced college admissions advisor and co-founder of Capital College Consulting. He is a Professional Member of Independent Educational Consulting Association (IECA). Brian has worked with students from over 30 countries to help provide guidance through the US admissions process.

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