Amazon, the online giant online retailer, has today opened Amazon Go; the first convenience store without checkout lines.

Inside the new Amazon Go store
Inside the new Amazon Go store. Photo: Jason Del Rey


It has taken about five years for the store to come to fruition.

Amazon Go is situated on the ground store of Amazon’s new headquarters on Seventh Avenue, Seattle.

Amazon Go stocks salads, sandwiches, beer, wine groceries, meat, among other items.


How to Shop at Amazon Go


To shop at the store, shoppers are required to download an Amazon Go app to their smartphone.

They then scan it at a turnstile as they enter the store.

Once in the store customers can shop as they do in any brick-and-mortar store.

Once done shopping the customer walks out, just like that. No passing through checkout counters or tills.


How Amazon Go Works


The Amazon Go store is fitted with cameras and sensors on the shelves.

Information collected from the sensors and cameras is then fed to a computer system that connects to the phone you scanned upon entering and the items you picked from shelves.

While the technology has charged trial customers correctly, it will be truly tested when the store is crowded with shoppers.

Another challenge will be how the technology handles customers who pick items from a shelf, walk around for a while and return it before leaving.

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Despite the few expected challenges, Amazon Go is a truly revolutionary innovation that is set to send ripples across the retail industry in the next few years.

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