7 foods that contribute to cancer which you should be aware of

October 14th 2015, Environmental Working Group organization (ewg) published a study indicating  Potassium Bromate as one of the ingredients that make our foods which contribute to cancer.  Potassium Bromate is added to flour to allow it to rise. It is a very powerful OXIDISNG agent. Bromate may also be found in some drinking-water samples as a by-product of ozone disinfection.

The international Agency for Research on Cancer determined that potassium bromate is a possible human carcinogen.  That is why it is banned in a number of countries in Europe.


Accoring to EWG (2015), Tests done  on animals indicate that when they consume foods containing high amounts of Potassium Bromate  incidences  of both benign and malignant tumors in the thyroid and peritoneum increases.  EWG further states that, later research confirmed that, ingesting potassium bromate leads to an increase in different types of cancers.

More worrying about EWG study is that potassium bromate   has the ability to disrupt ones genetic in the cells.  This is possible as potassium  bromate can change to molecules called radicals and oxides which have the ability to damage your DNA. The damage of your DNA can contribute to the development of cancer.

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Despite all the above evidence, our government has allowed industries to continue producing products that are affecting innocent Kenyans. Some industries may argue that Potassium bromate is converted to potassium bromide during baking. But lab studies indicate that potassium bromate  remains detectable in some products even after baking.


Kenyayote recommends that  You should avoid the foods listed below and look for safer alternatives.

1. Some type of  Bread
2. Some type of   cookies
3.  Some type of   Pizza
4. Some type of   Cakes
5. Some  type of  Sandwiches
6. some type of   Corn Muffins
7. some type of  meatballs

Potassium bromate  is sometimes laballed using the following numbers: (PB3010-A, PB3010-B, PB3010-C, PB3010-D, PB3010-P, PB3010-Q, PB3010-G, PB3010-T). Always check any product that you purchase whether it contains Potassium bromate .

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