Mothers are often encouraged to breastfeed their newborns rather than feed them on formula. Literature detailing the benefits of a mother’s milk to newborns is not in short supply. However, there is lesser focus on the benefits of breastfeeding to mothers. Below are some.

Breastfeeding has a host of benefits, not just for the baby but the mother as well
Breastfeeding has a host of benefits, not just for the baby but the mother as well. Image: Courtesy



Losing Weight and Healing


Breastfeeding can help mothers shed those extra pounds gained during pregnancy.

Studies have shown that feeding a baby with about 500ml of milk a day helps moms shed about 400 calories.

The hormone oxytocin, released during breastfeeding, helps the uterus to return to the pre-pregnancy size. This also helps reduce uterine bleeding after birth.


Reduced Risk of Cancer


Other than reducing an infant’s risk of childhood cancers, breastfeeding is known to lower risk of premenopausal breast and ovarian cancer.

Lower Risk of Osteoporosis

Experts opine that women who breastfeed have a lower risk of developing menopausal osteoporosis.

This is due to the fact that when a mother is lactating her body absorbs calcium much more efficiently

This explains why bones of the spine and hips are denser after pregnancy.

Breast feeding causes Delayed Menstruation

Breastfeeding triggers the release of prolactin; which keeps progesterone and oestrogen in check.

progesterone and oestrogen hormones trigger ovulation, therefore when they are not released menstruation cannot take place.

Breast feeding is a Natural Birth Control

The delay in ovulation means that a woman is less likely to get pregnant, depending on nursing pattern.

Hence, the longer a mom breastfeeds, the more she is able to benefit from birth control.

Breast feeding Saves Time and Money

The cost of baby formula, milk bottles, milking equipment and sterilizing products can cause a significant dent in your bank account.

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Breastfeeding moms do not have to worry about all of the above as nature pretty well takes care of an infant.

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