Official NEMIS portal registration process manual: Institution, Learners (students), Staff

NEMIS portal is a website launched by the ministry of education in Kenya in 2018 that is used for the registration of institution, staff, learners/students online to track their progress, performance and financial reports. The official National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) website is Below is a step by step user manual on how to get the nemis forms. You can also download complete nemis pdf guide below the post.

Kenya Ministry of education NEMIS system for registration of learners
Kenya Ministry of education NEMIS system for registration and archive of learners information/Photo

What is NEMIS?

Nemis is an online portal that helps in the management of education system in Kenya. It is intended to be used for storing education data for easy access.

How can I access NEMIS website?

You can access the official NEMIS website by visiting ( Use Mozilla or Google Chrome for easy access)

How do I register our Institution using NEMIS?

Visit and go to Institutions Menu, Under the institution Menu fill in information in the Fields provided and submit.

What is the difference between TSC number and NEMIS UPI number?

TSC number is issued by the teachers service commission

How to registers institutions, staff and learners at the NEMIS education portal

NEMIS education login page
NEMIS education login page/Photo
  • Step 2: Type your Username and Password to log on to the system.
  • Step 3: Click login.
  • Step 4: The  page shown below will appear when you login.


Nemis education student registation home page
NEMIS website home page after login/Photo
  • Step 5: place cursor on institution, learner, staff, finance, reports, setup as indicated below  to access what you are interested in;
  • Step 6: To register your Institution click on my institution, the same applied to other categories.
NEMIS institution registration manual
NEMIS institution registration manual/ Photo
  • Step 7: For institution registration, Upload institution  official ownership documents as shown below. Fill in the institution bio data, ownership details, institution contacts and institution documents  then click complete submission.
NEMIS institution ownership documents
NEMIS institution ownership documents/Photo

Fill in the institution bio data, ownership details, institution contacts and institution documents

You can click on View Map to see the Global Positioning of the Institution

NEMIS education registration portal support details

  • NEMIS Telphone contact: +254-020-3318581or +254700000000
  • NEMIS email contact: or
  • NEMIS Official website:
  • NEMIS Office Location: Jogoo House B, Harambee Avenue
  • Official NEMIS pdf manual (complete): Download from this page
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In our next post we will write about how to capture student’s progression and performance details in the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) website/portal.

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    1. I have been trying to access the NEMIS portal in vain. There are pupils who submitted their birth certificates late and would like to register them. Please advice.

    2. I have been trying to open our school account but all in vain. Even the form ones have not been registered. Kindly advice

    3. The NEMIS portal doesn’t respond at all…and if it does…it is very very slow and most of the time it doesn’t complete the process…another thing the data keeps on changing and some UPIs are missing.
      kindly advise.

    4. The nemis for the learners has no provision for edit in case of an error.
      For the staff it is locked,there is no way one can register a staff. The site needs upgrading.

    5. tried to log in and transfer some pupils to another school the portal is not responding.tried to enter the username and password tells me to contact the do we go about it?

    6. It is so sad to keep us spending a lot of money and time trying to access a web that seems not be working can the concerned people help us urgently

    7. I think the mainframe comp for nemis is outdated, why it keeps on closing so as to process data. Com’n guys upgrade, otherwise its boring!!

    8. What is happening to the nemis portal? We want to updates the school information but it is NOT opening at all.

    9. I have been trying to fill in my school statistics in fain what can I do?I can’t access the nemis portal

    10. my daughter was transferred to another school and she had registered NEMIS in a different school what happens or is she supposed to register twice please advise

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