NIIMS Kenya Registration: How to Apply, Get Huduma Number (Namba)

Every Kenyan Citizen will now be required to have a huduma number (Namba) issued through the NIIMS portal. This is applicable to every person residing in Kenya. Below is how to get your Huduma Number.

A guide on niims registration and how to get Huduma Number in Kenya
A guide on niims registration and how to get Huduma Number in Kenya/Photo

What is NIIMS in Kenya?

NIIMS is a portal for registration of all Kenyan Citizens and foreigners within the country. The National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) is used to establish a master population register that will be the only single source of identify any person in Kenya. The process of NIIMS registration is done offline but the data is stored online and will be shared among different government agencies listed below.

After registration you will be issued with a Huduma number (namba). This however does not invalidate other registration processes like (Registration for ID or birth certificate). It only assists in issuing persons residing in Kenya with an identity number that will pinpoint them (you) across all sectors of government by just typing the number.

Function of NIIMS in Kenya

Now that we have provided a description of what niims is, here are its functions in brief;

  • To create and maintain national population in Kenya
  • To assign a unique national identification Huduma number to every person registered.
  • Help in issuance of national identification cards, foreigner certificates, births and death certificates, driving licenses, work permits, passports and foreign travel documentation, student identification cards and all other forms of government issued identification documentation

What is Huduma Number (Namba)?

Huduma Number (Namba) is a number provided through NIIMS registration that is the ‘source of truth’ of identity of all persons residing in Kenya. Unlike a national ID or birth certificate that is issued to only Kenyan Citizens, Huduma Number will be issued to all persons residing in Kenya, be it refugees or foreigners.

Is it Must to register at NIIMS for Huduma Number?

Yes, this is a must have. If you don’t have Huduma Namber, you will not be able to access government services including registration or renewal or replacement of National ID, Application for Passport, Application or renewal for driving license, Birth certificate

Huduma Number Registration Deadline

UPDATED: The New huduma Number registration deadline after extension by president Uhuru Kenyatta are;

  • Saturday 25th May 2019 for those Residing in Kenya
  • Thursday 20th June 2019 for Diaspora

NIIMS Registration Form Filling Details

The niims registration form will collect the following information from you during registration;

  • Bio data information
  • Nationality (Citizen, Foreigner, Dual Citizen)
  • Parent/ guardian details
  • Place of birth
  • Marital status
  • Education details
  • Employment status
  • Disability
  • Agricultural activities
  • Biometric details
  • Your Photo

Process of how your information is captured through NIIMS and stored

Below is step by step process on how your information is collected and stored;

  • STEP 1: You will fill in a hard copy  that contains your  bio data, biometrics and photos
  • STEP 2: This information is transferred to a registration kit that stores  captured data locally
  • STEP 3: At the end of  the day the information is uploaded to the server
  • STEP 4: The data is then the fed to the Huduma Namba Server and UPI is generated.

NOTE: Just like ID, when you apply for Huduma Number you are not given immediately. It will be generated after application.

Process of NIIMS Registration and issuance of Huduma Numbers
Process of NIIMS Registration and issuance of Huduma Numbers/Photo

Where will the Huduma Namber (Namba) be used?

The huduma namber (Namba) will be used for registration and processing of information in the following government departments;

  • NRB
  • CRD
  • Refugees Affairs
  • Immigration
  • NSSF
  • NHIF
  • IEBC
  • KNBS
  • NTS
  • Among others that we will list later

How to Register for Huduma Number through NIIMS

Registration for a NIIMS for Huduma Namba (Number) is currently not done online because you are required to present yourself physically. Go to your sub chief office or sub county office if you cannot locate any registration center near your (2017 Voting Centre). In Nairobi, go to the nearest place of residence chief’s office.

Huduma Centers are currently not registering for Huduma Number but we will update when they start.

Diaspora Huduma Number Registration

Huduma Namba registration begins on May 6th for a period of 45 days at Kenyan Embassies and Consulates for those in diaspora or out of the country.

Short Video on How Huduma Number Registration works

666 Beliefs in Kenya

Some of you have been linking 666 as mentioned in the bible and Huduma Number (update:check comment section below). You argue that the word “Huduma” and “Number” are all 6 letter words. All we can say that this is just a coincidence and has nothing to do with 666 concerns (Learn more about 666 beliefs and what the bible says). Go get your Huduma Namba.

Huduma contacts and Official Details

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    1. We have Alien IDs for foreigners…. NTSA and KRA have all my records “including my mother’s maiden name”… What non sense is this? We have more pressing needs that the 6B can go towards…

      1. I agree.
        Bulk of the requirements I see can be done online for those who can. This would help save time to be served when one presents himself/herself for verification and pending onsite registration drills.

      1. No letter From God falls, it must be fulfilled in any way. some day soon some how it will happen.

    2. why have you not put the registration in the internet please,,,,,,its easier for someone to register in internet

    3. what if u were just friend with the partiner ed get child ed he /she assit in raising up the kid is he ,marriage/divorce /single or separate?

    4. A downloadable form would help to look-for and capture the required data which would safe a lot of time at the registration centre.

    5. May the steps for registration be followed as they are dictated in huduma namba registration guide lines where the work force are required to fill the hard copy and then the details captured in this hard copy form entered into the huduma namba registration digital device and not the other way round where I witnessed that your details are entered in the digital machine and the data entered is then used to fill the huduma registration forms this will help in capturing accurate data about individuals and no errors will be fed in the system

      1. So much ado of working towards a single document and reducing the total number of documents when legislation remains unchanged
        1/The only valid document for travel is a passport huduma number will only be a Kenyan document.
        2/The traffic act Cap 403:36 Production of a driving licence on demand failure to which you are guilty of an offence.
        3/No time frame is set on when the database is to be clean hence the commencement of the validity of the huduma number document.
        4/After registration when do you get a valid operational huduma number card ?

    6. Hi just been clear this comment is not official but key things to carry were the copies of (Personal, parents and spouses IDs if married, birth certificates, NHIF, NSSF, KRA pin, Passport, Driving licence for some fields having the numbers might apply) the other things are the excert location of birth and current location of residence , after the county goverment was introduced the locations have slightly changed it would be important to note the excert locations before going to apply. Not all requirment are included please add the missing info

    7. It is quite unclear from press reports if all foreigners, of which many are NOT in the list below, have to register or not: For example from a Local Daily yesterday “Non-citizens will as well be registered, have to produce their passports. However, only foreigners with the status of workers, students, stateless and asylum seekers will be required to register. ”

      It would be useful if an authoritative government website was available so the veracity of this can be checked. is useless on this matter

    8. my question is,how much does it cost to register and which techniques are using to ensure that this information reaches people living in rural areas and marginal areas where communication gadgets are difficult to find?

    9. There are some people who have never got an ID but they have orginal birthcertificate will this huduma number help them eg Askari kuwashika?

    10. The government could have finished the so called huduma namba registration if it were online process.
      #It’s a digital country yawa !!!!!!

    11. The similarity with 666 is that you will not be able to buy and sell without the no, therefore, let us just conclude that it is a necessary evil because it will make governance easier and services faster. It makes a lot of sense for now as far as I am concerned, saitan or no saitan. After all most countries in the world have something more or less similar.

    12. I think this is the best way the government will capture the ghost workers in the country congulation Mr President.

    13. Is there any simple way we can be registered as an organization? i mean can we get huduma number clerk to register us in our institution? located at KIE opposite Malindi Airport

    14. I kindly request to be explained on how to fill Huduma number since am in Tanzania and am far from the Kenyan embassy,and the duration which is given for 45 days, I won’t have gone to Dar Es Salaam for i am in school, so is it possible for me to fill online then on reaching to embassy i submit the forms by July. help please for we are around 15 kenyans in the institution i am.

    15. what if you have a pasport and nhif card and you didnt include durindg the registration of huduma number/?

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