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I registered for huduma number, unfortunately the telephone number I’m currently using is new, I lost the Old number, how can I receive the message from huduma center?

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Once Huduma Number Cards start being issued in your county, go to the place where you registered and inquire whether yours is ready for collection.

You also can call Huduma Namba via 0800221111 to confirm your collection point and date if you changed your phone number.

NOTE:  As at 10th March 2021, huduma number cards were only available for collection in Nairobi county.
I have not received any SMS na wanasema huduma cards are ready here at nairobi
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When applying for Huduma Number Card, where did you fill as your county of birth?
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Tharaka Nithi county
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Can it come at kajuki Tharaka Nithi
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