Meet Grace Kiptui, the Women Representative Who Has Touched and Changed the Lives of Many People

Hon Grace Kiptui Kobilo: Many might not know her, many might have seen her for the first time when she appeared on the NTV peace discussion. I developed an interest to know more about Grace when I was impressed at the way she was responding to questions in the NTV “Rift In The North” Discussion which comprised of panelists (MPs Regina Nyeris, Philip Rotino, and James Lomenen).

In my inquiry, I learnt that before becoming a women representative in Baringo County, Grace Kiptui was a lawyer by profession and had a legal advice programme at KASS TV. She left her work and joined politics in 2013 and nobody knew she would make the impact that she is making.

Grace Kiptui has pioneered many revolutionary ideas for a progressive Baringo county that have served the people positively. Unlike other members of parliament, Grace Kiptui is one politician that you will find walking in the suburbs of Baringo county interacting with her people. She spends most of her time with the locals which make her look ordinary to them. Walk into Baringo County any time of the day and you will believe what I am telling you.

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According to her niece Cornelius Kiptum, Grace Kiptui has a particularly consistent and clear political viewpoint with a deep conviction that Baringo County can only develop if people live in harmony. She has in several cases, through peace meetings that she has organized sent a clear message that she is willing to take risks and do things that will change the fortune of Baringo county people no matter what it might cost her. More importantly is the legal knowledge she has invested in addressing the conflicts in Turkana-Baringo.

One of Grace’s stories that touched me is her move to personally go round the county treating people who are infested with jiggers. Grace spends some of her time assisting families in various regions in Baringo creating awareness about controlling jigger infestation and educating them on the importance of leaving like brothers and sister.

To the people of Baringo, Grace Kiptui Kobilo is like a mother.

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