How the Kawangware Inter-Ethnic Attacks Unfolded

The last two days have been a nightmare for peace-loving residents of Kawangware, Nairobi.

The attacks are said to have started on Thursday afternoon, after youths aligned to the NASA coalition attacked colleagues who voted in the repeat presidential election held on the same day.

Kawangware is largely inhabited by Kenyans from the Luhya, Luo and Kisii communities. The NASA coalition, whose leader Raila Odinga said would now transform to the National Resistance Movement, enjoys a large following from the three communities.

On Friday evening, youths of Kikuyu origin, who were armed to tooth, were seen making their way from Ndunyu, Waithaka and Githurai to Kawangware for a retaliatory attack. 

It is said the youths were members of the outlawed Mungiki sect. Some arrived in pick-up trucks and others on motorbikes. Most were however on foot.

They then assembled in Kongo West Bar. Witnesses said the youth took beer and bhang as they readied themselves for the attack.

Area esidents who saw this sent an alert to youth in area 56 and Stage 2. The youth armed themselves with stones and crude weapons and quickly attacked those in the bar. The Kikuyu youth were overwhelmed and retreated to take refuge in Waiyaki Supermarket.

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The pro-NRM youths pursued them into the supermarket, where they looted and set it ablaze in a bid to flush the youths who had taken refuge in upper floors.

Late in the the evening, more Kikuyu youth arrived and so did police. The police dispersed the pro-NRM youths, trying to bring the situation under control.

However, things took a bad turn as the Kikuyu youth regrouped with more reinforcements and a full-blown inter-ethnic war erupted. 

Shops were looted and set blaze, as unfortunate victims suffered life a threatening injuries.

Kawangware market set ablaze by warring youth

KTN reporters trying to cover the melee were attacked and equipment of unknown value stolen from them.

Police were later able to contain the situation and imposed an unofficial curfew. 

This morning residents woke up to a gory scene of blood, wails and a razed down market.

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