17th May 2017 WordPress released the latest version 4.7.5 to fix security issues. Most web hosting have inbuilt softwares to automatically update your WordPress CMS to the latest version but most do not. So you will need to manual update.  Make sure you do a backup before updating.

WordPress 4.7.5 Issues Solutions to errors after updates to new version
WordPress 4.7.5 Issues Solutions to errors after updates to new version/Photo

Some Common Errors that have been reported after  update to WordPress 4.7.5


  • Visual editor, and some javascript popup windows  not working.
  • Breaking of plugins
  • Content/Post Update issues


Solutions WordPress 4.7.5 update errors

If you have error with your Visual  Editor  after the new update then you will need to revert to the previous version or deactivate and activate all your plugins

If the latest WordPress 4.7.5  update is breaking your plugins  then it appears that plugins are not compatible with the update. You will need to contact the plugin developers and remind them to update the plugin to the latest version or look for another alternative plugin  if you are not going to lose any of your data.

If you have issues with posting your content  after updating to WP 4.7.5 then you will need to clear your cache both on your  browser and website. Then restart your browser. That should help.

NOTE: When WordPress makes new updates on their versions there are always compatibility issues with some plugins because some developers are somewhat too slow to keep up with the changes. So you will need to have plugins that are regularly updated.

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