By Moses Machira 


Relaxing on Nakuru’s Nyayo Gardens offers solace much needed by the residents. Despite the presence of love in the air depicted by couples and lovebirds cuddling under the shades of the trees,something was amiss with the sleeping beggars around. In the paradox of life, as the awaken couples were visualising and chatting their ambitious life,the less fortunate folks were closing their eyes to avoid the sight of the happy ones as the dark sight would atleast make them see better hopes in life.

I was actually disturbed as I pictured myself in the shoes of those people and I could not stand the excruciating pain borne by them. From lack of food, dirty garments, depression and lack of affection, the list of plights endured by the homeless and street families in Kenya is endless.  Less talk and more action, we as Kenyans should help the unfortunate in society in whatever measure that fits our capability. Remember the widow in the Bible who was considered compassionate by offering the only cent she had compared to the affluent who gave out a lot for show-off and pride.The difference between the two parties is that the former offered the little that she owned out of her heart and sincerity unlike the latter.
This as a lesson to Kenyans,should remind us of our “Harambee” spirit that has lifted our social well-being.It’s high time we help the needy in our society to alleviate the plights they face on a daily basis. To the elderly,the poor,the sick and destitutes,we can offer something of great value from a personal level. With that in mind,I would personally appreciate some charity works undertaken by Kenyan well-wishers and donors like Ahadi Kenya and Equity’s Wings to fly Programme. Kudos and may God bless the hands of these and other donors out there making an impact in other people’s lives.
Remember,you can always impact a life today!!

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  • This article was submitted by a Moses Machira .