Under Ksh 500 Valentine’s Day gifts for men and women in Kenya (Cheap)

Valentine’s Day in Kenya is coming soon. On 14th February 2018 your loved ones will be happy if you put a smile on their face with a simple cheap awesome gift. You don’t have spent so much money to make someone happy. With only Ksh. 500 you can buy a valentines day gift for him or her in Nairobi and get it delivered.


Valentine’s Day Gifts Choice

Buying a valentine gift for a man in Kenya can be a challenging task. You might want to buy him a belt but then again men have different preferences on belt. There are leather belts, there are simple belts and there are classy belts loved by teenagers hated and loved in equal measures by adults


The best cheap Valentine’s Day gift for a man or lady in Kenya is a watch. Almost all men and women love watches. Below are images of a simple watch that goes at Ksh. 500 and where to buy it.


Valentine’s Day Gift for  Men in Kenya 

 This watch goes at only Ksh. 500.  It is manufactured by Quatz and has leather handles.

watch Valentines day gift for men in kenya

watch Valentines day gift for men in Kenya/Photo

Valentine’s Day Gift for women in Kenya 

Like the men’s watch, it is manufactured by Quatz and goes for ksh. 500 only.

Watch Valentines day gift for women in Kenya

Watch Valentines day gift for women in Kenya/Photo

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