How China Is Slowly Turning Africa into a New Colony

China’s relation with African countries is growing at an astonishing rate.  It is estimated that there are more than 200,000 Africa ans living in china. It has also been widely published that china is planning to eventually send 300,000 million individuals to Africa to solve its problem of pollution and over population.

China's Relations with Africa

China’s Relations with Africa/Photo Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe with Chinese Envoy


The trade between china and Africa is growing at a very high rate compared to any other country in the world. China is perhaps Africa’s largest trading partner as it believes that Africa is the only option to solve their problem of over population and shortage of natural resources.

The best way to win people is to let them learn your language, if they learn your languages then they will learn your cultures. In so doing china is introducing free Chinese programmes in African institutions to let Africans learn Chinese language and eventually speak it. An example is the underway plan in Moi University to officially introduce Chinese language learning program.

The Chinese government is also ready to support African leaders who support their marketing strategies in Africa (Reuters shares that). For instance, President Mugabe a close ally of China has a high-tech, Chinese built helicopter, gunships and fighter jets to use against his people. His 25 –bedroom pagoda-style mansion is built by the Chinese.

Another move that china has made to see that it dominates the African continent is by buying Africa’s best players. The move might have been made to win the heart of many Africans who use football as their source of entertainment. China believes that if many Africans begin watching their football matches then it will be the best way to market their economy and culture!

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This is not good for Africa

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