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Hyphen, Search Engines , Headline SEO relation

Should you use hyphens or not use Hyphens on your blog post headlines and what effect will it have on page rankings in search engines   What is Hyphen (-)?   Hyphen is a punctuation mark  that is used to  join and separate words...

By Clarice on Mar 22nd, 2017
How to improve blog seo with Semrush SEO tool

There are various websites out there that can help you improve your blog  SEO. Some are free and Some are premium.In this post we are going how  to share about Semrush  and  how you can use it improve your blog SEO. How to improve my blog...

By Clarice on Mar 22nd, 2017
wordpress.com affiliate program, Jetppack, pressable

WordPress the largest content management system (CMS)  powering over 60 million websites has launched its affiliate program to help in selling it products (WordPress.com, VaultPress, Akismet, WooCommerce, pressable.com and Jetpack). New WordPress.com...

By Clarice on Mar 20th, 2017
charachteristics of a good wordpress theme features

Your WordPress website or blog is as good as the theme or template you are using.  WordPress websites that rank high on  Google search and other search engines like (Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Aol, Duckgo e.t.c) have themes of high standard. Website...

By Clarice on Feb 16th, 2017
wordpress themes in Kenya

In this post i am going to guide you on how to buy your WordPress themes  in Kenya via your PayPal to Mpesa account. WordPress themes that come at a fee are known as Premium themes  or templates.  You will also get to know who can help you...

By Clarice on Feb 16th, 2017
Search box into menu

Answer to How to add Search Button to Navigation Menu-(Page and Category menu)- of WordPress blog I  faced some serious challenges while working on Search box into menu my client’s website. She needed the search box to be on the primary navigation...

By Elvis Nyakang'i on May 19th, 2016