2019 KUCCPS Cutoff Points and Cluster Point for Degree Courses

What follows in an explanation of the 2019 KUCCPS cutoff points, cluster points for degree, diploma and certificate courses in Kenya and formula of calculating cutoff points.

Kenya 2019 KUCCPS Cutoff Points and Cluster Point Calculation for degree courses, Diploma and Certificate
Information on 2019 KUCCPS Cutoff Points and Cluster Point Calculation for degree Diploma and Certificate courses/Photo Source

What are Cutoff points?

Cutoff points is the minimum required aggregated points for you to pursue a particular degree diploma or certificate course in Higher Learning institutions Kenya.

What are 2019 KUCCPS cluster or cutoff points ?

This is a broad question. Each course and university has its own cutoff points and its own set of requirements. For instance, cutoff points for doing medicine in Moi University is different from that in University of Nairobi.

Some of the factors that influence cutoff points are

  • University you want to join (Even if Universities offer similar degree programmes, the cutoff point will not be the same.  Top Universities like University of Nairobi, Moi University, Kenyatta University e.t.c have higher cutoff points in similar courses offered in other newly accredited Universities and College.)
  • Type of Course you want to do (Some courses like Engineering, Medicine , Law e.t.c have higher cutoff points)

How do I calculate Cutoff Points for Degree Courses?

To calculate your points, click on the course you want and see the required subjects, that is four in (Cluster Subject 1, 2, 3 and 4). The Courses have been listed here: List of Courses and the Entry Points

Then go to: Cluster Point Calculators to calculate

How to do revision of Courses Online (on Kuccps portal)

After you have decided on the degree or diploma course you want to study and are sure that you have met its points and requirements then you can go ahead and start doing revision.

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