List of Students not placed by KUCCPS after first revision of courses, 2019

Below is an attached list of students who have not been placed by KUCCPS after revision of courses. The students are encourages to do second revision of courses which will run from 15th March to 22nd March 2019.

2019 List of 22,957 Students who have not been placed by KUCCPS
Index number List of 22,957 Students who have not been placed by KUCCPS after first revision of courses for 2019/2020 intake/Photo

2019/2020 KUCCPS revision of courses and placement

KUCCPS has completed the first processing of students who applied for Degree, Diploma, and Certificate and Artisan choices for the 2019/2020 placement process.

90,744 KCSE 2018 candidates were eligible for placement for degree programmes. Of the  90,744 who applied, 22,957 have not been placed.

List of 22,957 candidates who have not been placed by KUCCPS

Download pdf that contains index number of candidates who have not been placed by KUCCPS after 2019 first revision of courses.

Download url is provided below.

Second Revision of Courses Dates

If you happen to be among the 22,957 who have not been placed visit: KUCCPS student portal and apply for your courses online. The deadline for second revision of courses is March 15, 2019 to March 22, 2019

Where have I been placed?

If you do not see your index number among the 22,957 listed in the attached pdf above then your information was successfully received and is being processed. You can also confirm through kuccps portal using the video procedure below.

Be patient, once second revision of courses is done, all students will be notified which university and course they have been selected to do.

How To Check University Placement after Second Revision

To Check which course or university you have been placed after second revision use this procedure:

  • Go to:
  • Login as follows;
  • Username: (Use your full Index Number)
  • Year: (2018)
  • Password: (Use your Birth Certificate Number)
  • You will be able to see which University you have been placed in the portal as shown in the image below
KUCCPS university placement message
KUCCPS university placement message/Photo

NOTE 1: You will also receive an sms of the university you  have been placed as by latest 16th April 2019

NOTE 2: Details of the course and university you have been  placed after second revision will be available in the kuccps portal by latest 16th April 2019.

NOTE 3: From May 1, 2019, kuccps student portal will be open for students who wish to transfer their placement.

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    1. This is not fair u i have worked hard 4yrs gotten a strong B plain 65 points then qualified for pharmacy but thrown out of the course to 2nd selection which are not good not my courses why ANSWER ME !!!

      1. This happens when the course you selected is so competitive and there were no available spaces to fit all of you who selected it. You can do second revision before lapse of the deadline.

    2. Its very unfortunate to get B which is not easy to achieve then all courses that I selected as many as they were not a single one could through.How are these cluster points determined?

      1. Hello, kindly select a course that you meet its cluster points. Once you select a course you will be able to see whether you meet its cluster points or not. Be sure to do second revision before the deadline lapses.

    3. Its actually unfair to subject parents to private sponsor to do the course one wants u lie when u say the selected courses were full yet one applies for several courses. its a scum by itself. people are frustrted for life. thankyou.

    4. I had paid sh500 during school application,but unfortunately i paid excess money of sh1500 during the second revision.I plee with you to help get the extra money of sh 500.Your feedback wii be highly honoured.

    5. aki these kuccps is a headache I applied and yet they are telling me to apply again.Cant you just reffer us to to the universities and the courses that we applied please.Thank you.

    6. I applied for masinde muliro and they told me that I have qualified for the courses I chose… can know if I have been placed in that university??

    7. unfortunatly i deleted the mpesa code that i used during the first revision yet i need it to do the second revision what will i do

      1. Please dial *234# end request mpesa information,,you need to get the full statement that will be sent to your email

    8. These messages about searching the university to know if ur letter is online for admission…are they really true? Coz I can’t find mine yet I ain’t in the list of those to do second revision…I thought their courses will be processed first before any of us is called …am I wrong?

    9. How will i know the university and the course given to me?coz i’v been placed yet am blank,i Don’t Know Where And What To Do!Reply

    10. Hello,,,,

      I logged in my kuccps log in details and seen the tab ****you have been provissionally secured one of ur choices subject….****

      Does it means my application was succesful coz i did my application during 1st revision of courses but av not done any revision

    11. It is Monday when are we getting letters? some of us are very poor we need to look for funds!!! Seems those with A and A- were given priority the rest were left to look for alternatives so unfortunate though.

    12. What happened if one did not do the second revision, because he/she was not aware that his/her index no. was appearing in the kuccps web portal?

      1. I did not do the second revision and was not chosen in the first what do I do so stressed

      2. I am trying to download index of those who were not place but it saying unsuccessful and i didn’t know the time the second revision was starting what will i do

    13. What if you never revised the second revision of courses and yet you had applied the first revision of courses

    14. I checked my portal after my first revision and found out I have been placed but am yet to know the course I was placed for how will i know the course i have been placed and when ????

    15. heloo how do iknow in advance the corse and university ‘ ve been placed,,,,,,,kindly just email me the university have to join

    16. I paid 1500 for the application fee but i have not known until now if i have been placed in any Tvet institution

    17. Hi.. I have not yet known which course and which college I have been placed. Similarly, I would like to ask when is the admission for this selection? Is it May or September intake? I want to know so that if it is September, I make myself busy with other things waiting for that period. Please I need to know. Thanks.

    18. please I’m requesting to know where I have been placed, the university and the course because my parents need to start raising the school fees.

    19. Hi, my index did not appear in those that had to do second revision but I tried to check if I had been placed through the kuccps student portal and i didn’t see the.. You have provisional secured one of your choices….. notification. How can i confirm if I’ve been placed?…. Please reply

      1. I applied after second revision but haven’t get any feedback report from kuccps…plz help me to know the university i have been placed

    20. I did my second revision and received the messege *****you have provisional secured one of your course choice,,,,,,,how can I know where I have been placed and will it be on this april intake or may,, I am tired of waiting and checking my kuccps account every time as if I am waiting for jackpot notification

    21. I want to change my courses from úniversity to middle college because of inâdequte money ,l applied using regular students portal ínstead of students with disability Yết am dísable,how can l go through All these successfully?

    22. please inform me about may intake 2019 has the intake started? and if not when will it be starting coz am in the dark i hv no

    23. Hi I applied for the first revision but I was sent a message I didn’t qualify then I applied for the second revision of course but am still confused because when I was applying I was told that I have qualified for the course but to my surprise I didn’t secure any course of my choice why is that??And when is the second placement announced so that we can start preparing ourselves

    24. When will we get success message for the second revision so that we know whether we secured aplace in on of the universities

    25. What happens if someone has not been placed despite applying for the second revision?! kindly respond in distress!!

    26. I have not recieved any message via text informing me that i have been placed but i however have confirmed that i have been placed using the KUCCPS student portal. How do i get my admission letter?

    27. Hello the first note indicates that we expect to be notified through an SMS from the various universities that we are placed by 16th April, it is 19th April yet unfortunately, I haven’t received any messages please help.


    29. the kuccps chose me an alternative course which i had no interest to pursue, what can i do to change it?

    30. Hae,i have just received a messege from a univèrsity that i have already placed,unfortunately,neither the university nor the course is not in my first and second revision.kindly help me on to do next inorder to fulfil my future dreams

    31. “……….i am tired of waiting for a confirmation message how can i check where i have been placed… By kuccps..& ?”

    32. Many of us get the tension and stress up since we did the first revision and in the second revision we were probably not aware .we need the help and advise from you since we were not placed after all the procedure and payments done .kindly help us

    33. kindly i want apply for the fast time i want joint next year january when are the dates for aplication opened.coz i want for january intake your reply will of help to me..thanks

    34. i made an inter-institutional transfer 2 weeks ago, but i have’nt received a transfer letter for a bachelor’s degree of education/ science at kisii university. Am worried , what’s going on??? Please HELP!

    35. Hi, my sister applied for the first revision on 23rd February 2019. She wasn’t placed even after she qualified by meeting all minimum requirements. We physically came to your headquarters and you told us to apply again, which we did. AGAIN she hasn’t been placed which if you ask me is quite frustrating since we wasted both time and money. How do we go about this issue?

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