KUCCPS Cluster Point Calculator

Below is a KUCCPS Cluster point calculator that will help you to calculate your cluster points per course. Kindly read the instructions below this calculator to understand what to do;

Cluster Point Calculator

To use calculator kindly add required figures in fields labeled X and Y;

Sum of the Four Required Subjects per course(X)
Select calculation Sign(*)
Aggregate KCSE Points for the Seven Subjects (Y)
Your Cluster Points are =

NOTE: Make sure you click calculate button to get results.

What are the Required Four Subjects?

Apart from the overall grade you scored lets say C+ there are four subjects that are required before you do a specific courses. These are the four required subjects.

At KUCCPS website they are normally labeled as;

  • Cluster Subject 1
  • Cluster Subject 2
  • Cluster Subject 3
  • Cluster Subject 4

You are supposed to add the four subjects points and type them in the calculator field labeled (X).

NOTE 1: Each course has its own required subjects. For Law courses required four subjects are different from Engineering.

NOTE 2: Minimum entry grade for Degree courses is C+

What are Subjects Points?

Subject points are

  • A=12 (points)
  • A -=11 (points)
  • B+ =10 (points)
  • B =9 (points)
  • B- =8 (points)
  • C+ =7 (points)
  • C =6 (points)
  • C- =5 (points)
  • D+ =4 (points)
  • D =3 (points)
  • D- =2 (points)
  • E =1 (points)

What are the aggregate KCSE points?

These are the points you got for the seven subjects you did. For instance if you got A (plain) in all subjects then aggregated points will be 84.

  • 12+12+ 12+12 +12+12 +12 = 84

Where do i Get course Required Subjects (4)?

You can get that by going to https://students.kuccps.net/programmes/. Select the course you want and see the required subjects as illustrated in the image below.

Cluster Required Subject Subjects
Cluster Required Subject Subjects illustration/Photo

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    1. Help me to calculate the cluster points for doing analytical chemistry in embu and chuka university.if I had cplus in chemistry, biology d plus,maths c minus, English c plus, history b plus,cre b minus, computer b minus

      1. For KU you must have cluster points of: 41.515 (Use the calculator above to calculate your cluster points). Other minimum subjects requirements for Bachelor of Pharmacy include BIO (C+), CHEM (C+), MAT/PHY (C+) and ENG/KIS (C+).

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