Sample leave letter and how to write official leave letters

Sample formal leaver letter: A letter of leave is written when one wants to offer explanation for being away from their place of work/duty/school for a given period of time. Here are a few tips on how to write a professional/official letter of absence/vacation:


How to write official Leave letter


  1. Begin your letter by indicating the appropriate dates, name and email used at the work place.
  2. Ensure your letter is addressed to the right authority taking their positions into consideration.
  3. Begin your letter by explaining your reason of writing and the expected period of absence. Clearly indicate the dates of leave as well as the expected date of return. You do not want complications in the future.
  4. Remember to be as clear as possible while keeping it simple. Your supervisor doesn’t have much time to spare.
  5. In case your employer did not expect your leave days, take the initiative to recommend someone who can take your place while away. This is more applicable in cases of emergency leaves.
  6. Use a professional tone in your letter of leave. It does not matter whether your boss is your friend.
  7. Be genuine in giving your reason for absence. However, keep insignificant details to yourself.
  8. Take the chance to thank your employer for their granted the last paragraph.
  9. Now you can sign off your letter in a formal manner with a signature and official names.

Example or Sample of official Letter

Sample leave letter and how to write an official leave letter for school and workplace

Sample leave letter and how to write an official leave letter for school and workplace/Photo

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