Sample endorsement letter and how to write work endorsement letters

Sample of endorsement letter and writing guide: Endorsement letters are normally written by famous people such as celebrities with the aim of promoting a given product or service.  Below are a few guidelines on how write and official workplace endorsement letter;


How to write a work endorsement letter


  1. Use correct dates in the endorsement letter while clearly indicating parties of concern.
  2. Start your first paragraph by indicating the effective date of the endorsement and the expected end period. Include day, date, month and year if possible.
  3. In the body, give clear elaboration on rights shared between the two parties such as use of name, voluntary contract signing and rights of use in advertisements.
  4. If your agreement is region constrained, mention that precisely in the endorsement letter.
  5. Details such exclusive and inclusive rights pertaining contract use should not be left out
  6. In the endorsement letter, include the expected relationship between the involved parties while clearly indicating possible consequences of the breach of agreement
  7. Be sure to include your preferred form of payment and your agreed date of payment expectation.
  8. Let the letter show how you would like the endorsee to be run and at what time of the day. You can also include details of your preferred length of video where applicable
  9. Are you comfortable working with another person on endorsing the same product or service? Let the other party know.
  10. Include in your endorsement letter your expectations on agreements pertaining to confidentiality.
  11. Clearly indicate your expected specification on terms of contract termination and insurance claims in case of unexpected emergencies to either of the parties.
  12. In the last paragraph of your letter indicate negotiation terms in case of a disagreement within the contract period.
  13. Formalize your letter by signing and indicating your full official names at the end. You can also use a company logo where applicable.

Example or Sample Company Endorsement Letter

Sample endorsement letters and how to write workplace endorsement letters

Sample endorsement letters and how to write workplace endorsement letters/Photo

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