Sample collection letter and how to write one

In business a collection letter is used to collect debts or goodwill from customers. Therefore, as much as one needs to remain lenient, they have to be professional as well. Here is how to go about it;


How to write a collection letter


  • Begin your collection letter with your official business name and address. Do not forget to indicate the name of the receiver as well.
  • In your collection letter, start with a friendly tone. Do not make people harassed the moment they open your letter.
  • In all ways let the receiver know that you are not trying to take action into your own hands but would use all clauses of the law whenever there is need.
  • In your letter of collection, gently but firmly let your receiver know that you understand their situation but sometimes things have to be done the right way. By all means avoid making the receiver feel they can postpone their payments. Remember habits are hard to break.
  • Indicate the possible consequences that your receiver may incur in case they don’t pay up on time.
  • Conclude your letter with your full names, signature and company stamp.
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Sample collection letter


Sample collection letter and how to write a collection letter
Sample collection letter and how to write a collection letter/Photo

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