Adding Website Procedure

If you own or manage a website that is not listed on Kenyayote Rankings, then you can add by following the steps that we have provided below. Some websites have been added by Kenyayote depending on the data we have about the website. We get website data from a variety of sources that contribute to our rankings.

NOTE: You can only add one website per account. This is to minimize spamming. 

How to Add a Site


  • Write Description

Write a plagiarism-free description about your website using Word document or any document processing app and then copy-paste the text to the description box.

  • Provide Website Details

Provide all your website details like contacts, founder, founded year, location, category, industry type, and social media. You are required to add your website's support email and the email you will use to sign up for an account at Kenyayote rankings. The website support email will be displayed publicly while account registration email will be private.

  • Submit Website

Agree to our terms and conditions and then click Add website button.

  • Website Approval

After submitting your website, it will be reviewed to make sure that it has all the details and it complies with our guidelines. You will receive an email once your website has been approved.  

To add site, go to Add Website
NOTE: Websites with incomplete information will not be approved. Your account will only be active once your website has been approved.