Wawerugatonye.co.ke Contacts and Overview

Wawerugatonye.co.ke is a website for Waweru Gatonye and Co. Advocates. It is one of the best commercial practice firms in Kenya. They are also specialized in conveyance and property matters, and employment and industrial relations.

Website: Wawerugatonye.co.ke

Wawerugatonye.co.ke Contacts

  • Email:
  • Phone: +254 (20) 2428452/3/4

Wawerugatonye.co.ke Ownership

  • Founded: May 1985
  • Founder (or Owner):
  • Ownership:

Wawerugatonye.co.ke on Social Media

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:

Wawerugatonye.co.ke Location

  • City: Nairobi
  • Country: Kenya

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