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Taita Taveta County is one of six counties in Kenya's coastal area. The county is located in the southern section of Kenya, bordering Tanzania to the south and the Taita Hills to the northwest. Tsavo West National Park and other attractions contribute to the county's developing tourism economy. Tsavo National Park contains almost two-thirds of Taita-Taveta County's land area. Taita Taveta County's economy is primarily agricultural, with subsistence farming as the mainstay. Cash crops like sisal and cotton, as well as fruits like mangoes and pineapples, are cultivated alongside food crops like maize, beans, and vegetables.

Website: Taitataveta.go.ke

Taitataveta.go.ke Contacts

  • Email: info@taitataveta.go.ke
  • Phone: 0788186436

Taitataveta.go.ke Ownership

  • Founded:
  • Founder (or Owner): Taita Taveta County Government
  • Ownership: Government

Taitataveta.go.ke on Social Media

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTaitaTavetaCountyGovernment
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/discoverttcg

Taitataveta.go.ke Location

  • City:
  • Country: Kenya

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