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Nandi County is Kenya's athletics hub. It is home to tens of the world’s celebrated athletes including Kipchoge Keino. A large portion of the county's population is Nandi, a subgroup of Kenya's Kalenjin tribe. Other communities living in Nandi include Luhya, Kikuyu, Kisii, and Luo, the majority of whom work in tea plantations and factories. The Nandi mainly conduct subsistence agriculture and cattle keeping. The mild rainy environment, along with the rich volcanic soils, make Nandi a great location for tea, maize, and sugar cane farming. Agriculture is therefore the primary economic activity. The county includes extensive tea plantations, particularly in the Kobujoi-Chekumia and Nandi Hills districts. Dairy animal husbandry is also a key source of income for Nandi County people.

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