Top 24 Sacco Websites in Kenya

24 top Sacco websites in Kenya. The majority of Saccos in Kenya are started by a group of employees before expanding to other people. In order to join most of the SACCOs listed below, you should be employed. Always remember to read the terms and conditions of each Sacco before joining.

1. is the website for Stima Sacco. Its founding members were employees of East African Power & Lighting Company.

2. is the website for Kimisitu Sacco. Its founding members were employees of World Agroforestry (ICRAF).

3. is the website for Trans Nation Sacco. It was initially known as THARAKA NITHI TEACHERS SACCO. It started from a split of the Meru Teachers Sacco Society Limited.

4. is the website for Safaricom Sacco.Its founding members were Safaricom Ltd employees but it has expanded to other companies.

5. is the website for Mentor Sacco. It was started by Murang´a teachers.

6. is the website for Maisha Bora Sacco. Its founding members were Unilever Kenya Limited employees. Civil servants and any salaried individual can join Maisha Bora Sacco.

7. is the website for Law Society of Kenya Sacco. It is meant for members of the Law Society of Kenya

8. is the website for Unaitas Sacco. It is a deposit-taking Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) organization.

9. is the website for Nyati Sacco Society Limited. The majority of its members are employees of private security guards. It started with G4S security employees.

10. is the website for Hazina Sacco. It was started by employees of the Ministry of Finance and Planning before it expanded to other civil servants and then private-sector employees.

11. is the website for Mwalimu National Sacco. The majority of its members are employees of TSC in post-primary, TVETA, and Mwalimu Sacco staff.

12. is the website for Kenya National Police DT Sacco. Although the Sacco targets regular and administration police officers, it is open to civil servants and salaried employees

13. is the website for Kenya Union of Savings & Credit Co-operatives Ltd (Kuscco). KUSCCO is the umbrella body for SACCOs. Individual members can borrow money from KUSCCO through KUSCCO Housing Fund.

14. is the website for Waumini Sacco. Most of its members comprise Catholic Church faithfuls and employees of the Catholic institutions.

15. is the website for Ollin Sacco. Most of its members comprise primary school teachers, post-primary school teachers, secondary schools teachers, civil servants, e.t.c

16. is the website for Amica Sacco. You can save, invest and borrow loans at Amica Savings & Credit Limited

17. is the website for Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco. This Sacco targets USA Diasporans.

18. is the website for The Kenya Bankers Sacco. Its founding members are employees of the banking industry.

19. is the website for Mombasa Port Sacco. Its founding members are employees of the then East African Harbours and Railways corporation

20. is the website for Sheria Sacco Society Ltd. Its target members are employees of the Judiciary and AG chambers but it is open to anyone above 18 years with income.

21. is the website for K-unity Sacco. It was formerly known as Kiambu Unity Finance cooperative union Ltd. It has over 100,000 members from Kiambu, Nairobi, Nakuru, Narok, and Nayndaura counties.

22. is the website for Jamii Housing Co-operative Society. Its founding members were Civil Servants of the Department of Social Services but it now accepts members from any sector.

23. is the website for Gusii Mwalimu Sacco. Its member comprises of TSC secretariat, primary school, and secondary school teachers, university staff, civil servants, e.t.c. Most of its members are from Kisii and Nyamira counties.

24. is the website for Harambee Sacco. It is ideal for salaried individuals.

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