Top 8 Microfinance Banks Websites in Kenya

8 top Microfinance banks websites in Kenya ranked according to popularity. Most small-scale businesses and low-income self-employed people in Kenya prefer using microfinance banks because of the financial benefits they offer to them. All the microfinance banks listed below are licensed and regulated by CBK.


Kwft(Kenya Women Microfinance Bank) bank is a medium-tier financial service provider that provides banking services that include both savings and credit products that cater to the needs of micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Its services are open to organized groups, individuals, and corporates


Caritas Microfinance Bank is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya. It offers savings and checking accounts along with a variety of loan programs and online banking services


Sumac Microfinance Bank is a leading microfinance bank in Kenya that offers products and services like accounting, loans, forex trading, finance, and Bancassurance.


Faulu Microfinance is a limited liability company regulated by the central bank of Kenya, it is one of Kenya's top deposit-taking Microfinance Institutions which serves the unbankable through a range of savings, loans, and micro-insurance products and mobile banking services

5. is a micro Finance that links Kenyan Diaspora Investments to the local people's need of a small credit facilities to improve there livelihood


SMEP Microfinance Bank offers banking services that target SME and Church banking. It also offers insurance agency services.

7. is the website for Century Microfinance Bank which was acquired by Branch International. It is a microfinance institution that provides financial services to micro, small and medium, the products offered to enable clients to improve their status in life.


Uni-Microfinance bank is a licensed Microfinance Bank Institution targeting micro-businesses and SMEs by providing working capital, facilitating technology improvements, and business innovations.

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