Top 12 Government Websites in Kenya

12 top government websites that offer different services to Kenyans. Ministry and County government websites have been excluded since they have been ranked in a different category. Websites have been ranked according to their popularity.

1. is a government of Kenya website that offers government services like passport application, certificate of good conduct application, business registration, birth certificate application. To login to eCitizen portal go visit

2. is a government of Kenya website that is used for tax filing and information. is used for filing tax returns online while information about KRA jobs, kra laws, kra tax filing guidelines, e.t.c. You can log in to KRA iTax portal by visiting

3. is a government of Kenya that offers driving licensing services like Smart driving license application, provisional driving license application, PSV badge application, logbook transfer, e.t.c. To login to ntsa tims portal use the URL provided below.

4. is a government website that provides services and information for teachers employed by the Teacher Service Commission. Teachers use TSC portal to access tpad2, check for payslip status, apply for teaching jobs, for weal declaration, transfer school, e,t,c. Follow the website link below to login to TSC portal.

5. is a government website where you can log in and access national hospital insurance services like covered hospitals covered, pay membership fees online, check member status e.t.c. Hospitals can also log in to manage patients covered by NHIF.

6. is a government education website that provides information about examinations managed by KNEC. Information that you can find on KNEC website includes kcse/kcpe examination registration, knec results data, cp2 registration portal, qmis kcse/kcpe certificate replacement portal, school login portal, e.t.c.

7. is a Judiciary website that is used by law firms and lawyers for filing court cases online in Kenya. You can also use the portal for submitting court documents, paying cash bail, court fees, and deposit. You can log in to Judiciary E-Filing by visiting

8. is a government website that publishes the latest information about the Judiciary in Kenya. Visit if you are looking for Jucidiary jobs, tenders, court forms, and the latest Judiciary news.

9. is a government agency website that is used to access national social security fund services. Some of the services that you can find at NSSF website include career opportunities, self-services portal, NSSF registration, and the latest updates from NSSF.

10. is a website that is used for course application and placement of government sponsored studetns to technical instititns, colleges and Universities in Kenya. Students can login to kuccps student poratl via or use the link provided below.

11. is a government website that provides information like Kenya wildlife service jobs, KWS tenders, latest KWS news, tourist destinations in Kenya, wildlife regulations in Kenya, KWS parks, reserves, and conservation in Kenya

12. is the ethics and anticorrption website that used for sharing information about corruption in Kenya. Example of information that you can get at EACC website include corruption laws in Kenya, reporting corruptions in Kenya, EACC nows, Eacc news and careeers.

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