Making Money Online in Kenya on Facebook in 2019

This is a brief guide on how to make money online in Kenya using Facebook.

making money online on facebook in kenya
a guide how to make making money online using Facebook in Kenya/Photo

Making Money Through Facebook in 2019

Facebook is one of the best platforms of generating money online. Some of the best ways of making money online using Facebook are;

Facebook Sponsored Posts

Facebook sponsored is ideal when you have a lot of followers so for instance if you have

100,000 likes or followers you might  consider doing some sponsored posts  which is basically when you write  something or post an image that an  advertiser or a company wants you to post which would help them grow their business.

Sharing Referral Links on Facebook

You can search online for companies in Kenya that pay through referrals or affiliate. Register with such sites and use your Facebook page to refer friends to your referral links. A page that has 10,000 likes can generate about $ 15  a day through referrals ( is one of those Kenyan sires that pay through referrals)

Sharing Your Blog Posts on Facebook for Traffic

 After you page has attained a number of likes, create a blog and search for companies that pay for advertising like Adsense, Medianet, infolinks. Add the advertising program in your blog then share your posts on Facebook. The higher the number of likes in your page has the higher the traffic to your page and the higher your earnings.

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