On Magoha, University students to wear school Uniforms (What you need to know)

Clarification on a statement attributed to Education CS Prof. George Magoha that University students will be required to wear school Uniforms

Circulating statement University students to wear school Uniform attributed to Magoha is fake news
Circulating statement University students to wear school Uniform attributed to Magoha is fake news/Photo

On University Wearing Uniforms

A source from the education ministry who spoke to Kenyayote has confirmed that the citizen tv screenshot circulating on social media linking Prof. Magoha to University students wearing school Uniforms is fake news.

At no point did Prof. Magoha say that University students should wear school uniforms.

On 10th May 2019, Education CS George Magoha was in Bungoma County where he addressed the media on why schools with poor infrastructure risk closure. He was not in parliament as the circulating picture with fake news on university uniform indicates.

The circulating screenshot (picture) which has been edited was when Prof. Magoha was being vetted by members of parliament after his appointment to the education ministry.

Magoha screenshot of real and fake
Magoha screenshot of real and fake/Photo

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    1. Cs Magoha is trying to make himself famous by iplementing things that cannot help at all in life how can we wear uniform from nursery School to university that’s a lie what value will it add to university students BURE KABISA LET HIM THINK OF ANOTHER THING TO IMPLEMENT BUT NOT UNIVERSITY UNIFORM….

    2. I personally just support that action that has been taken,,students of now dayz alwyz wore terrific clothes, e.g miniskirts……..very horrible indeed. some of them wore thee clothes that can’t much their skin,,some ware clothes that can easily tell thee size n parts of thee body,,,,itz really bad

    3. university studee are grownups even uniform can’t prevent them from doing what they want imgine the slogan “kila mtu n maisha yake”

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