KUCCPS 2019 Inter University Transfer: Online Change of Course and Campus

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) Inter University transfer online application portal is open for application. The application will start after you have known the  course and university that you have placed

KUCCPS 2017 Inter University Transfer Online Process Institution Change
KUCCPS 2019 Inter University Transfer Online Process Institution Change/photo

The application is for KCSE candidates who have been successfully placed in various universities and colleges in the 2019/2020 cycle but wish to be transferred to other institutions (Government sponsored).

NOTE : Transfer of Placement will begin on 1st May 2019.

How to Apply for Inter University Transfer

Follow this guide;


Select the programme you want to transfer to, put the PROGRAMME CODE in the inter-institution transfer field. You will only be allowed to proceed to the next step if you meet the cutoff and minimum requirements.

Fill in the reason for the Transfer Application. NOTE: This field is mandatory

Once you have satisfied Steps 1 & 2 a download link will be generated. Click on it to download the Transfer Form and print it.


  • The form is serialised and this is the only form acceptable by The Placement Service. Any other form will be rejected.
  • The form is auto-generated and no alterations should be made on it.


Present this form to the institution you wish to transfer to for endorsement.

  • In the event your transfer is rejected, return the form, duly filled as rejected, to the Placement Service. This will allow you to try a transfer another institution.


Once you have secured a place to transfer to in your institution of choice, present the form to the institution which you were initially placed to for a release of your placement.

Once all of the above is done, return the form to the Placement Service

  • The Placement Service will update your records according.
  • Once your application has been processed you will be contacted to collect your transfer letter which you will present to the institution you are transferring to for admission and joining instructions.

NOTE: You will be required to pay ksh. 1,000 for inter inter institution transfer. Only proceed if you fully understand the transfer application instructions

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    1. When am changing the institution that i have been placed in through kuccps, must i travel with the form to the institution that i want to change from or i can just do it online?

    2. The portal says ” the online transfer is only available for students placed in current cycle.” What does that mean

    3. Today is second of May yet I can’t open the inter-university transfer.Has the transfer started?

    4. I have tried to download my admission letter from garisa University by it does not respond also which date the kuccps transfer portal be open,reason for asking is that I have placed by kuccps in garisa University for 2019/2020 internaship

    5. I’ve tried to apply online interuniversity transfer but can’t download the transfer form,,what can I do?

    6. How long will it take to be contacted by KUCCPS so that I can be finally admitted since they have not yet replied to me yet I followed the procedure. How long will I wait to get the admission letter and finally get admitted?

      1. just explain your reason and save it as pdf[then load it on [choose file]. no more need for downloading since the process is now automated

    7. I am Anthony Mutiso13May 2019 i am placed at Kenyatta University Educatio Arts i want to change to clinical medicine what should i do?

      1. you already have the procedures. just type the program code.the next procedure [reason] will pop up. choose one of them. now explain your reason on the next space. the file to choose is either the pdf of the explained reason [ this time in form of a formal letter] or any other support doc. maybe medical or any.. but you need to combine them if more than one.. you will be done after sending the service fee and confirming.. i thnk its helpfull

      1. I have done all the procedures only to do with inter university transfer form but i dont knw how to download the form

      2. no more need for downloading. maybe if it is for personal use. bt now the process is automatic

    8. can i change my course from bachelor of arts with IT to bachelor of science in nursing on the same institution?

      1. support doc. is either the pdf of the expained reason or any other related file saved in your computor

      1. Is it possible for me to change my course from bachelor of arts with IT to bachelor of science in nursing?

    9. What if I did the whole transfer thing but am no longer intrested to transfer from my innitial institution like I want to remain there even if I received the transfer form?

    10. I have aplay for inter university transfer but it has take long at kuccps,what might be the problem??

    11. Iam Brian ongubo how long does it take after finishing the transfer process to be contacted by kuccps to get ur transfer letter for admission?Because I have for a week and there is no response.

    12. Can the initial institution refuse to release you even when your university of choice has received you during the transfer process??

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