How to Know if Your Phone Can Work on the Faiba 4G Mobile Network

Everyone in Kenya is excited over the amazing data pricing packages new entrant JTL’s Faiba 4G Mobile is offering.

Unfortunately, not everyone with a 4G enabled phone will be able to enjoy Faiba 4G Mobile services.

Reason being your phone has to support the specific frequency JTL were awarded for the Faiba 4G Mobile.

Only phones that support 700MHz frequency band can access Faiba 4G Mobile network

Only phones that support 700MHz frequency band can access Faiba 4G Mobile network

The Communications Authority of Kenya awarded JTL the 700MHz band; which is superior than the 800MHz band on which Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom offer their 4G services.

4G Smartphones come with the ability to support specific frequency bands. This information is usually available on the phone’s detailed technical specifications sheet.

If you don’t have the specifications sheet you may want to check your phone manufacturer’s website.

Still unable to find out what bands your phone supports? Worry not, just head to and select your phone brand, model, sub-model (where necessary) and then select specific service provider (or all of them) and press search.

The next page will load with information on the frequency bands your phones supports on each service provider.

Alternatively, download the LTE Discovery app from Google Play Store and use it to check the 4G network frequency bands your device supports.

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The app is not available on Apple’s App Store but iPhone users can download LTE Info, which does the same job.

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