How to make money selling Class Notes Online in Kenya

Website to sell Class Notes in Kenya: School work takes up most of a student’s time, you wake up early, attend classes, read and barely have time for other activities like a side hustle. Well, why not study and make money while at it? If you are good at taking class notes and have several unused research notes and research papers, selling them can be a nice side hustle to help you earn some extra cash while studying.

website to sell class notes online in Kenya and make money
website to sell class notes online in Kenya and make money/Photo is an online marketplace that allows Kenyan students, teachers or any other individual to sell their class notes, research papers and unused research notes online. Muthhurwa makes the process of uploading notes already taken easily and gives you the freedom of setting your own price. With muthurwa, you can make thousands of shillings per year with your uploaded notes. To get started, simply create an account for free and start earning while studying.

Selling Notes on Muthurwa

Muthiurwa Marketplace distinguishes itself from other online marketplace platform in Kenya for selling class notes by having its operations being run on an open market place basis. This means that students, teachers or any other individuals who upload their notes on muthurwa will always retain ownership of their uploaded notes and get to choose the amount to charge for their class notes.

You can also adjust the price of your notes uploaded to the platform. the platform does not also limit you on the number of documents you can upload and signing up is pretty easy.

How to make Money selling Class Notes

Below is a guide on how to make money through selling class notes in Kenya;

  1. Go to Create your account or register to start selling.
  2. Open Your shop: After creating your account, login and click my shop to open your shop. After creating your shop wait for it to be approved.
  3. Upload your Class Notes: Make sure you have your class notes in pdf or word format then go to your shop and add item.
  4. Publish your class Notes: Ensure you have written your notes description, uploaded featured image, price e.t.c and the Submit. It will take about 24 hours to be approved and published.
  5. Market Your Product: Share your product on social media or class whatsapp group for anyone who might be interested in them and wait for sales
  6. Withdraw your earnings: Your can withdraw your earnings anytime to mpesa or paypal.
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Although selling class notes is not illegal, it is important to ensure that you do not upload copyrighted notes and materials from other authors and sources.

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