Finally! Zimbabwe Has a Former President After Uncle Bob Resigns

Nothing could tone down the euphoric blanket that covered Zimbabwe after Robert Mugabe ‘voluntarily’ resigned. Not even doomsayers and know-it-alls could dampen the celebratory mood with incessant reminders that Mnangagwa could be as worse. Never mind most of them are outside Zimbabwe.

Finally! Zimbabwe Has a Former President After Uncle Bob Resigns

A Zimbabwean with a poster bidding Mugabe good riddance. Photo; Courtesy


Mugabe tendered his resignation yesterday evening in a letter read out by the Speaker of Zimbabwe’s parliament. Part of the letter read; ‘’I Robert Mugabe in terms of section 96 of the constitution of Zimbabwe hereby formally tender my resignation.’’


Videos and photos of Zimbabweans dancing late into the night are not in short supply. Some could be seen shedding tears of joy as others took time to pose next to gleeful soldiers and military vehicles.


In an unprecedented scenario, Zimbabwe’s military was able to force the Mugabes out of state house without spilling a drop of blood. African coups are characteristically a gory and bloody affair.


General Chiwenga’s approach of diplomacy has been lauded by many across the globe. Chiwenga has become something of an icon, with Zimbabweans singing his name in their earlier demos to compel Mugabe to step down.

Until yesternight, the 93-year old Mugabe held on to the presidency with a python’s grip despite pressure from the military, former colleagues, leaders of other African states and even the clergy.

He has been the president of the mineral-rich country since independence, 37 years ago. However, the frail but cunning Mugabe seems to have dug his own grave when he fired his Vice President Mnangagwa, to replace him with his loathed wife, Grace Mugabe.

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It is not yet clear whether he will stay in Zimbabwe or will go into exile in countries that had earlier granted him asylum.

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