Ousted Mugabe Granted Asylum in South Africa, Angola and Namibia

Reports have emerged that ousted Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has been granted asylum in South Africa, Angola and Namibia. His wife, Grace Mugabe, had earlier fled to Namibia.

Tweets from an account purporting to be Zimbabwe government’s reported that Mugabe will find save haven in South Africa, Angola and Namibia.

Zimbabwe Govt

Zimbabwe Govt. Tweets

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema had earlier on stated that his country, South Africa, should grant Robert Mugabe political asylum to pave way for peaceful transition in Zimbabwe.

On Wednesday Malema said:

The EFF is of a strong belief and view that President Robert Mugabe must hand over political power to the next generation and should not allow his name to be used for the further degeneration of a country he led to political liberation…we call on the South African government to prepare to welcome President Mugabe for political asylum. He must be allowed to come to South Africa so that a peaceful transition can indeed take place.

Malema was once a supporter of Mugabe for his revolutionist contribution but became his critic when the strongman metamorphosed to a despot.

Mugabe found himself in unfamiliar territory when the country’s military executed what they termed a “corrective takeover.”

Reports of a possible coup started showing on Tuesday evening when residents started sharing photos and videos of military tanks and trucks making their way to Harare.

The reports were however quickly rebutted as hearsay. However, by the following morning it was clear that all was not well for Mugabe’s administration.

The military took over state TV (ZBC), where the military spokesperson, Major General SB Moyo, made a televised statement to the effect that they were not after power and that they were only taking control of the situation until the country holds a transparent and credible election.

The military further stated that civilians and arms of government, such as the legislature and the judiciary, have nothing to fear as nobody will interfere with them.

However, the military chief sent a curt warning to other security forces to stand down or else they will be dealt with “appropriate force.”

Indeed, photos emerged showing soldiers seating policemen on a street. It was not clear why the police were being herded in such a manner.

Zimbabwe soldiers harassing police

Zimbabwe soldiers harassing police. Photo: Courtesy

Robert Mugabe was once a respected figure for his role in the African Revolution against colonialists. His stature, however, transitioned to that of a power hungry despot, clinging to power with an iron fist.

Robert and Grace Mugabe in a past event

Robert and Grace Mugabe in a past event. Photo: Courtesy

Mugabe seems to have made the final touch on his political grave by sacking his Deputy and long term aide Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. It is said Mnangagwa’s sacking was to pave way for Grace Mugabe.

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The world is keenly following the happenings in Zimbabwe, hoping the peaceful takeover doesn’t spill out of hands to become cause for worry.

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