5 Types of Women to Avoid Dating When Looking for Serious Relationship

Dating is one murky field and before you get the one you truly want to be with, you are bound to bruise and get bruised.

Signs of a Toxic Partner in a Relationship

5 Types of women to avoid dating

There’s nothing really like finding a perfect match, it’s all about finding someone whose flaws you can bear and who can bear yours.

Someone who sees and brings the best out of you.

Nevertheless, there some characters that one should avoid dating altogether; because they can only lead you down the path of destruction.

Here are 5 types of women any man looking for a serious woman to settle with should only touch with a ten-foot pole.

The serial flirt

Men are naturally drawn to a woman who flirts. This kind of lady is approachable because she is not shy and does not make an effort to hide it when she likes you.

However, there’s a sharp line between a situational flirt and a serial one, and it is the latter you need to avoid.

This type of woman craves attention from men and will keep on batting her eyelids, licking lips and tossing her hair to any man irrespective of whether she is dating or not.

The insecure

This is the type of lady who cannot spend a minute without pestering and keeping you close by.

She will call you 20 times a day and will sulk all day if you do not reply to her text message within microseconds.

Woe onto you if she spots you talking to another woman. She will descend on you with an avalanche of insults before you get the time to explain that the other woman is your doctor or realtor.

Miss self-centred

Everything has to revolve around her, otherwise you will know the true meaning of ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.’

At no one time will she bother to ask how you are doing, but ignore he for a few hours and she will throw tantrums.

A lasting and meaningful relationship is based on mutual interest; where two partners who truly care about one another come together.

The couch potato

This lady never wants to work. To her, a man should cater for 100% of her needs. All she wants to do is watch TV, gossip and do her hair and nails all day long.

Once you are ready to settle down, you need to find a serious woman who can hold her own. A woman who can ably take care of your kids in case you are incapacitated or taken from this world.

The party animal

Everyone likes to have a good time whenever appropriate. Men are easily drawn to a girl who can light up the atmosphere and make good company.

However, a lady whose entire life seems to revolve around parties is another issue altogether.

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For her there’s no ending the party for some serious business. Such a lady could also be having serious emotional issues that she can only mask in liquor and wild scenes.

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