CBK New Generation Kenyan Currency Notes 2019: Ksh 1,000 Circulation Deadline

Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has launched new generation bank notes to replace old currency with 1st October 2019 being the Deadline of Ksh. 1,000 currency legal tender.

CBK New Generation Kenyan Currency Banks Notes Launched June 2019
CBK New Generation Kenyan Currency Bnks Notes Launched June 2019/ Photo by Central Bank of Kenya

CBK Statement on Launch of New Generation banknotes

CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge’s summary remarks: Your Excellency, the Central Bank of Kenya has now completed the process of producing the New Generation banknotes, in accordance with the Constitution and all applicable laws. I confirm that the New Generation banknotes were issued yesterday, May 31, 2019, by a Gazette Notice. They are now legal tender.

How New Kenyan Currency Notes Looks Like, 2019

Here is a summary of the new Kenyan currency notes launched in 1st June 2019 (Madaraka Day);

  1. The new banknotes bear a significant aspect of our nation, and like the coins, will serve as a means of passing knowledge, conserving culture and promoting our global uniqueness.
  2. All banknotes bear the image of Kenyatta International Conference Centre, one of the most iconic and recognisable landmarks in our country.
  3. The banknotes also embody each of the big five: nyali, chuff, Warm, simba, and ndovu.
  4. Each banknote has a unique theme to show the richness of our people and nature in our beautiful Kenya.

New Generation Bank Notes amount in Circulation, Kenya

As at 3rd July 2019, according to CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge, the amount of the new generation currency NOTES in circulation in Kenya was 306.25 billion as shown below;

  • KES. 217,600,000,000 (for shilling 1,000 note)
  • KES. 15,400,000,000 (for shilling 500 note)
  • KES. 10,960,000,000 (for shilling 200 note)
  • KES. 12,640,000,000 (for shilling 100 note)
  • KES. 50,025,000,000 (for shilling 50 note)

How to exchange old Currency Notes for New Generation Bank Notes

To exchange old bank notes;

  • For those with less than 1 million, visit CBK or any bank with your ID or any official identification document (not necessarily where you registered your bank account)
  • For those with more than KES 1 million to KES 5 million, you must visit your registered bank account to exchange. If you do not have a bank account, visit CBK.
  • Those with over Ksh. 5 million will need to contact CBK for exchange.

Types of New Generation Kenya Currency Notes 2019

Symbols of New Generation Kenyan Bank notes for shillings 1,000, Ksh. 500, Ksh.. 200, KES 100 and KES 50
Symbols of New Generation Kenyan Bank notes for shillings 1,000, Ksh. 500, Ksh.. 200, KES 100 and KES 50/Photo by CBK

Here are types of New Generation Bank Notes symbols and features;

  • Fifty shillings note (Ksh. 50) symbols depict Green Energy
  • One hundred shillings note (KES. 100) symbols depict Agriculture
  • Two hundred shillings note (Ksh. 200) symbols depict Social Services
  • Five hundred shillings (Ksh. 500) notes symbols depict Tourism
  • one thousand shillings note (KES. 1000) symbols depict Governance.

Deadline for Replacement of Kenyan shilling 1,000 Old Note

All the older one shillings note shall be withdrawn by 31st October 2019 after which they will Cease to be legal tender.

Central Bank of Kenya Official Contacts for Inquiries

You can reach CBK through;

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