Best websites to buy mobile phones in Kenya: Top Online smartphone shops

Technology has made it easier to purchase mobile phones in Kenya, even at the comfort of your house and have it delivered; if you wish (that is having seen photos of the brand you want and other crucial details ). Here are the best websites to buy for mobile phones in Kenya.

Best websites to buy mobile phones in Kenya, Top Online smartphone shops, and dealers in Nairobi
Best websites to buy mobile phones in Kenya, Top Online smartphone shops, and dealers in Nairobi/Phone

Jumia Kenya is a great online website which sells mobile phones amongst many other electronic and non-electronic products. It has a big variety of mobile phone brands such as Techno, Samsung, Infinix, Apple and many others.

It is at Jumia where you’ll find the latest types of phones in the market. Clear photos of the phones on sale are usually posted, displaying several views.

Its platform is also awesome; having decided on a phone you place and order which gets processed within hours to a day’s time. Deliveries within Nairobi are free of charge and you can collect your purchases from their stores. Eg: Opposite University of Nairobi main campus.

Pigiame is a great platform with quite a number of mobile phones sellers. The site basically gives people an opportunity to buy and even sell phones and other stuff. The site enables you to communicate directly with the person you are transacting business with.

One of the things that really make the site safe and reliable is that it conducts automated tests that help detect users with fraudulent intentions.

Why pay more?

From its slogan, you can tell it offers mobile phones at affordable prices. Most people like it because of its prices and regular discounts which it offers to its clients.

Olx has become a popular site for buying mobile phones in Kenya. There you will find mobile phones at relatively cheaper prices (especially second hand ones). The site gives opportunity for the buyer to interact with the seller.

Note that there’s no specific seller for the site; anybody can buy or sell.


Have the descriptions of your dream phone on your fingerprints, visit any of these online websites and it will be a done deal.

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